Westfield Merryhill Spring Summer 2014 Media Evening #wearefashion

This week it was my pleasure to work with the marketing team at Westfield Merryhill on their Spring Summer 2014 Media Evening, it was the culmination of 4 weeks work and I have to say I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it.

FB spring fashion 06

Above are the real stars of the show, my gorgeous models who all work for the brands or shops who kindly provided the clothes they wore. I was extremely lucky to work with such beautiful helpful girls who brought with them a realism the show required. The evening was designed to appeal to “real” girls who are interested in wearing the latest trends but who don’t have celebrity lifestyles and real commitments such as work and children.

My brief was to work with the retailers within Westfield Merryhill, encourage them to participate and work with them to select the best looks which showcased the key SS14 trends for the fashion show to be shown as part of the Media Evening where local press and bloggers would be attending. The trends we featured included Bright White, Monochrome, Florals, Safari Wilderness and Colour Blocking.

Rather than showcase inappropriate outfits that ladies only aspire to wear due to their impracticality I looked for outfits which would appeal to us normal girls going about our daily lives, I hope you like them.

The Media Evening itself was kicked off by the delightful Daisy and Khyati from http://daisyandkhyati.blogspot.co.uk/ the Merryhill inhouse bloggers who have the most infectious passion for all things accessories and beauty. The girls showcased some of their hot tips for the featured trends from various retailers within the centre. My favourite was a real find from Khyati, all kudos to her, it was a stunning intricately beaded clutch from Primark that looked like it could easily cost you £40/50 but was in fact just a tenner! Photo’s to follow.

I then stepped up and took the mic, as a person who talks with her hands holding and talking into a microphone is really quite daunting. The bloggers and gathered local media were a friendly bunch and before I knew it I was in full swing sharing with them what being an Image Consultant entails and why I was there presenting to them the SS14 trends.

Throughout the show I offered hints and tips for the bloggers to share with their followers on not only how to style the looks but also the series of questions all women should ask themselves whenever they buy something new or put an outfit together. Below are a few of the hints I offered but if I shared too much I’d be giving away all my secrets, and I can’t do that can I ;0)

I started the evening with Bright Whites, the key to this trend is taking the look head to foot. White stileto’s aren’t just acceptable they are hot to trot so my advice is be brave and own the look.

FB spring fashion 07

The three looks were kindly provided by Twenty 9 (far left) and sister brand Diffusion (middle and right).

We featured the Armani Jeans dress with Melissa Lip shoes, Ralph Lauren shirt and Religion trousers and Ames knitted dress. All three looks offered something different, the Armani jeans and Ames dress offered the texture that the trend dictates. The shirt and trousers had an almost sheer silky quality to the fabric, sheer panelling as well as lace and laser cut outs are all popular for showcasing the trend.

Monochrome is by far my favourite SS14 trend, it returns season after season so is a good one to invest in and is really easy to wear.

FB spring fashion 08

With this trend I wanted to show that you didn’t have to block the two colours, and that you could have much more fun with the looks ensuring that you didn’t end up looking like a waiter.

The looks are from River Island (left and centre) and Vero Moda & Office shoes (right), we included in this trend the seasons boom trend Skorts. Yes I have spelt it right, the combination of skirt and shorts is seen in the middle I opted for a cute pleather pair with an asymetric front to elongate the models legs even futher as the vertical detail can boost even the shortest girls legs. I loved the aztec print trousers from Vero Moda, as they demonstrated both the monochrome and aztec print trends and are a bargain at £20. Thats £10 per trend! So versatile I can see this being worn with heels to work, to the bar, out clubbing or with high tops for a daytime look..love love love them.

Florals featured next, all provided by Warehouse and shoes by Office we shared two looks here

FB spring fashion 10

Florals differed slightly to the Safari Wilderness trend as they feature more traditional blooms such as roses. Big and or bold were the order of the day and again I opted for two different looks, a frock for a special event and trouser tee shirt combo that could be worn for the office or the bar.

Safari Wilderness also features florals but here its unusual tropical flowers such as orchids and palm tree leaves that are the order of the day, and don’t forget the staple khaki and biege super chic looks.

FB spring fashion 11

FB spring fashion 48

These looks were kindly provided by Diffusion and featured a Ted Baker Dress and clutch, Michael Kors shirt dress and Paul Smith wedges. Both looks featured vertical detailing, great for elongating the torso. The Ted Baker dress is a perfect look for those with a neat waist and shape to their hips as it will glide effortlessly over complimenting your shape perfectly.

The final trend was Colour Blocking and I choose to make a feature of the colour of the season yellow.

FB spring fashion 12

River Island generously provided the looks to the left and centre, spot the extra effort my fab model put in with the yellow nail varnish! Gap kindly provided the look to the right, featuring my style tip for the season the shirt dress. Like with the Michael Kors version I think a shirt dress can be worn by most body shapes and can be styled for all occasions with the right accessories.

I chose these looks as the embellished shorts were a real show stopper, embellishment is key this season and gave us a great clubbing outfit for those of us still yound enough to go out. My finale dress is the yellow structured dress, great for those with a slightly or more defined waist and shaping to their hips. Again a real head turner and a bargain at only £38, styled with navy as an alternative to the staple black offering the same neautralising qualities that black offers.

More details,price points and photos can be seen here on my Pinterest page here are a few of my favourite pictures.

FB spring fashion 25

FB spring fashion 33

FB spring fashion 36

FB spring fashion 57

I love this shot, it makes me giggle at how little I look in comparison to my glamizon model and finally my Finale dress.

FB spring fashion 62

I had such fun planning, prepping and presenting the evening its so hard to call this actual work, but work it is and a lot of effort and help was also provided by the fabulous retailers at Merryhill.

I hoped you like my choices, should you require more information just comment below and I’ll happily come back to you.

I’m off to buy the Monochrome looks and Gap shirt dress!

Pictures courtesy of www.shinepix.co.uk